Green Basics for Professionals - Helping Non-Industry Professionals Understand the Green Building Phenomenon

Course Overview

Not a builder but your business interacts with the building industry?
Then you need to be knowledgeable about the “green building phenomenon” that is taking place across the country. Sooner or later your business will interact with green building and you’ll want to be prepared. This one-day course provides an excellent overview of green construction with added modules specific to your particular discipline.

Green Basics for Professionals builds a case for the need to build and remodel for energy and resource efficiency.

Foundation Session

The foundation session (which is consistent for all disciplines) is built around a case study of a deep-green demonstration home that won local and national awards. This session provides an excellent overview of green building features. The case for going green is clearly communicated as well as examples shared. Topics include: history and background on green building; design, site and location considerations; construction options; materials; green building best practices and an overview of the major green building certification programs and their differences, including NAHB Built Green, LEED for Home, & Energy Star. 

Going Green for Attorneys

If a builder or marketing professional overpromises or if the home underperforms as represented, the home owner may take legal actions. This session is proactive in focus and positions attorneys to provide advice and direction to builders, developers and marketing professionals about how they build and represent their green homes and the performance promised with these homes. This session will be an introduction of green building concepts and an overview of common mistakes occurring in the marketplace. Recent legal cases involving green buildings will be discussed, risks defined and potential solutions provided.  


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