"I hired David to work with Jackson Remodeling for a day, and it changed the entire company! David was able to connect with each team member in such a way that light bulbs really went on. He is such an expert and has such passion about sustainability and building science - it is impossible not to "get it" when he speaks. In this economic climate, many are cutting unnecessary expenses. But it would be foolish to stop marketing, and it would be shortsighted to stop investing in the education of your employees. Hiring David Johnston is a great way to "sharpen the saw" and inspire your team."

LEIF JACKSON, Jackson Remodeling 

"This seminar has helped rekindle the flame; I will run my remodeling company with a renewed sense that I can make a difference... Nice job David."

DAVID CALLAHAN, Callahan & Petcas, Inc.

Host a Green Building Training

greenbuilding.com has worked for years to develop a training program that goes deeply into how buildings work. Our green building training is called "Green from the Ground Up" and is based on David Johnston's best selling book by the same name. The 2-day training is geared toward builders, architects, contractors and trades people who need a more in-depth understanding of how to build green. Participants will learn how to approach a home from the green building mindset. The Green From the Ground Up course prepares professionals to take the Green Advantage Certification exam. Want to set up a training for your organization or company, contact us.

Companies find that when the entire company is on the same page, green building is an easier transition for conventional builders. It also provides a mission that helps employee moral and retention. Most of all certification is a gateway into the market of helping homeowners save money and energy month after month.


To schedule a training or for more information, contact: