"What’s Workings presentations are both motivational and fact-packed. Not only will you learn why green remodeling is good for the earth, but you will learn which materials are really green, green remodeling techniques needed in your climate, and various pitfalls and hazards to avoid in green remodeling. Many attendees find your seminars life-changing."

DAN TADDEI, BCA, Director of Education, National Association of the Remodeling Industry

"I wanted to thank you for training our entire company in the Green Building Certification program. You have given us a context with which to make incremental improvements in our building practices, many of which will not cost the client more. While you are passionate about this inevitable change, you give practical methods and questions for us to use as we embrace these important new practices for our clients. Your own construction experience was extremely helpful in explaining these new practices to our production crew."

IRIS HARRELL, CEO/President, Harrell Remodeling 


Homeowners across the country are looking for building professionals who know how to build green or remodel homes to be as green as possible. By committing your company to getting certified you open a marketing door that provides peace of mind to your customers. But the commitment goes deeper. It means that your employees actually learn how homes should be built to prevent mold, to improve comfort, to save your customers money and to provide the quality that homeowners expect but often don’t get.


greenbuilding.com has worked for years to develop a training program that goes deeply into how buildings work. Our green building training is called "Green from the Ground Up" and is based on David Johnston's best selling book by the same name. The 2-day training is geared toward builders, architects, contractors and trades people who need a more in-depth understanding of how to build green. Participants will learn how to approach a home from the green building mindset. The Green From the Ground Up course prepares professionals to take the Green Advantage Certification exam. Learn more about Green Advantage certification and its benefits.

If your a building professional and interested in taking the next steps to becoming a green building professional, contact GreenBuilding.com for more information. Tel. 303.444.7044, info@greenbuilding.com