Green Building Practices and Technologies

Green building is a process that fosters the conservation of energy and other natural resources and promotes a healthy environment. Review our list of best practices for green building:

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Green Building Programs

Green Advantage® is a national certification program for green building practitioners. It is the only certification for green builders and remodelers that is both national and unaffiliated with a trade association.

Established with grant funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Nature Conservancy, Green Advantage was developed in collaboration with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and the University of Florida.

What is Green Advantage

Greening Your Company

How to Build Your Green Building Business

Green building is the only good news left in the building industry. Are you prospering or struggling in today’s market. From coast to coast, builders and remodelers who are clearly identified with green building are not only staying busy but growing in these tough economic times.

How to Build Your Green Building Business

Managing Change to Green Building

Becoming a green company is an opportunity to add value to your company by incorporating some of the strategies used by Fortune 100 companies to align their vision with their businesses and increase their bottom line.

Corporate America has been undergoing a quiet revolution in sustainability for over a decade, and since then, the United States has become the most productive nation in the world.

Managing Change to Green Building