Green Building HVAC

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 Energy conservation,  indoor air quality,  and comfort  are  among the core green building issues  encompassed by heating,  air-conditioning and ventilation design. These interrelated systems can be complex, expensive to install, … Read More

Green Building Roofing

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Roofing is a very important consideration in home building. It helps control the flow of air and moisture into the home and also insulates the home from extremes in temperatures. … Read More


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Solar is green. Period. Making use of solar energy is at the heart of sustainable building. In designing a green house, solar energy comes both first and last. The goal … Read More

Green Building Programs

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National Programs National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines (2004) American Lung Association St. Paul, MN Health House® (1993) – St. Paul MN Energy & Environmental Building … Read More