Green Kitchen Remodel Goals

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Remodeling a kitchen can be both an exhilarating and maddening experience. We want you to avoid as much trauma as possible and here’s how: get your goals on paper.
Using the answers you and other household members gave to the design questions, draft a one to two-page summary of your goals for your new kitchen. Be sure to include major categories including:

  • Who will use the kitchen and dining area
  • What activities will take place there
  • The feeling you want to have when in the kitchen and dining area
  • Any aesthetic or architectural preferences you have
  • Ways you expect your kitchen to be easily modified for future use

Sustainability Goals
You should also write down your green goals. Going green means you will be more comfortable in your kitchen yet you will also:

  • Save energy
  • Use fewer resources
  • Enjoy healthier indoor air