Green Bathroom Remodeling

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Green Renovation for Bathrooms

Remodeling a bathroom incorporates many different facets of a home: insulation, plumbing and finishes, just to name a few. In the following sections, we’ll outline ways to control bathroom moisture that will result in improved comfort, better air quality, and lower utility bills. Tips on other important bathroom remodeling issues, including low-impact construction and water-and electricity-saving strategies will also be reviewed.

As you begin your remodeling project, green thinking should pervade your entire design and construction process. Remodeled bathrooms that improve energy efficiency, reduce indoor pollution and makes use of recycled of materials can provide you with a return on that investment every month you live there.

Note: See Chapter 6, The Kitchen in the book Green Remodeling for more details. You can read more about Green Remodeling in “Green Remodeling – Changing the World One Room at a Time”. An comprehensive review of green remodeling, including:

  • checklists
  • personal stories
  • expert insights

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