Green Bathroom Remodel – HVAC

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Green Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for Bathrooms

Fixing up an existing bathroom generally does not require changing air registers, radiators, or baseboard heaters. A new bathroom, however, may require extra heat register or radiator. The new duct work should be installed in “conditioned”, or insulated, walls rather than outside walls.

Ventilate Moisture Away From the Bathroom
Ventilation is necessary in a bathroom to get rid of unwanted moisture caused by showering and bathing. Though code requires either a window or a bathroom fan, you’re unlikely to open a window when it’s six degrees outside so a bathroom fan should be installed and used. Shop around for a fan that is:

  • energy-efficient
  • low sone ~2 (not noisy)

The fan must be ducted to the outside to ensure that moisture leaves the bathroom and the attic space.