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Indoor Air Quality as Important as Energy Efficiency

In the race to save energy and carbon in the residential housing arena I’m concerned that we will play down the indoor air quality of homes. One of the reasons green building took off in the marketplace the way it did is that green building treated the house as a system, including residents. According to market research, the second most important driver for homeowners to buy green homes was improved indoor air quality, especially when children are in the house.

A Parallel Economic Ecosystem

The Economic Blame Game

Why does it continue to be so tough in the building industry? A lot of our current economic situation is a direct result of banks and their lending practices. Somehow the blame for the sub-prime meltdown has been deflected from the banks to the “greed” in the building industry. I for one have known very few greedy remodeling contractors who are big enough to rattle the global economy. Production builders have always followed the market, “if there is demand for housing we will provide it”.

What is individual responsibility in creating sustainability?

I think America is dependent on the expectation that someone else is going to fix our problems. Now that we have Obama in office, he’s going to figure it out and the government is going to take on big bad industry and big bad Wall Street and the government is going to fund solar and fund wind and fund the solutions that bring us into a greener economy than what we have. All we have to do is be supportive of the government and we will get the benefits of their largesse.

The Cost of Green Building

How much more will it cost is always the first question from someone new to the field. The answer will always be: “It depends”. A comparable question is “how much does a car cost?” Is it a Kia or a Mercedes? What year is it?

The case for green retrofits in 2009- A call to action

Homeowners have been remodeling their homes to:

  • improve the aesthetics
  • increase space
  • make the home more kid-friendly
  • or to raise their quality of life.
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