Sealing & Insulation
Insulation is a major cornerstone in the world of green building
Installing energy efficient doors & windows may qualify for a tax credit
From a green-built standpoint, windows rank second only to the design of an HVAC
Green Kitchen Remodels
What it takes to make your kitchen green
Green Energy Retrofit
Start your energy retrofit with an energy audit
Net Zero Energy Homes
Case study on Net Zero Energy Home with Scott Rodwin
Sizing a Renewable Energy System
Renewable Energy Options. You can learn more about renewable energy systems in Toward A Zero Energy Home
An office with a View
A Green from the Ground Up Remodel
Sealing & Insulation
Installing energy efficient doors & windows may qualify for a tax credit
Green Kitchen Remodels
Green Energy Retrofit
Net Zero Energy Homes
Sizing a Renewable Energy System
An office with a View

What's Happening

Training times/information to come!

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Diary of an Addition - Our New Office Green from the Ground Up

Once a week we'll be posting a diary entry from David's book that records his efforts to build his new office green from the ground up.

Diary of An Office Addition - Green from the Ground Up
My office with a view and a focus on energy efficiency
Diary of a Green Remodel - Energy Efficiency Focus
My 1973 Vintage Home -  A "fixer upper" with a view Part I | Part II

Toward a Zero Energy Home

Towards a Zero Energy Home

Download Chapter 1 - The Building Envelope for free. Read it and pass it on.

A Zero Energy Home (ZEH) -- a home that produces as much energy as it consumes -- is an idea whose time has come! Authors David Johnston and Scott Gibson (Green from the Ground Up) explore the design and construction of self-sufficient houses from start to finish.
Read more about Zero Energy Home or purchase the book.

More Green Building books from

Testing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Read about energy efficiency tests like: insulation checks, blower door tests, infrared camera scans, duct work blasts and appliance assessments.

Green Building - Energy Use, Energy Uncertainty and Renewable Energy
In today’s world of climate change and high energy prices, it is critical that buildings use as few fossil fuels (including coal generated electricity) as possible to “futureproof” the home against unpredictable and rapidly rising prices.

Remodeling a Kitchen

Where to start? Start with our four-step plan: 

  1. Ask the Right Questions
  2. Set Goals
  3. Find a Professional
  4. Review our list of Best Practices

Do you have other remodeling projects  you want to tackle? We outline steps and identify best practices for:

What is Green Building Science

Green building practices, as well the selection of the appropriate building materials, revolve around a few basic principles of science. Science is what sustainable building relies on, principles that once understood can guide you every step of the way. Read more about the science behind green building.

David Johnston's Thoughts On Green

From David Johnston

Energy Efficient homes are important but indoor air quality is as important



How to Build Your Green Building Business

To green your business, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Do Your Market Research
  • Specialize
  • Get Certified
  • Market Yourself
  • Keep Learning

read more about greening your business

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